Looks like UT is opening vacc registration to the general public

Just passing along the info for anyone who wants it.


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I wonder if that’s still the case. I saw this article about them cracking down on non 1A/1B registrations. :woman_shrugging:t2:

I clicked through this page, and it is really just a form with information about you which then gets routed to them, and they contact you if you are eligible to make an appointment.

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Yes, I think it’s intended to be a registering-to-be-on-a-waitlist type thing.

I got the tip from a friend within the UT system with a request to pass it on widely, and I know there’s been a lot of interest on these forums, but I myself am not in anything resembling a high-risk group so I’m not getting in line just yet.

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I used this site to register under 1B status a little while ago. I received a notification that said they would contact me when the vaccine was available, but that it would take a while because they already had over 100,000 registered.