Looking to pay someone to laser cut a project for me

Hey y’all,

Before the pandemic, I was working on designing/building some custom shutters for my bedroom. But once things went sideways, I had to step away from the Hackerspace (first due to financial concerns, and then due to health concerns), so my work stopped to a halt.

However, I’m tired of having this unfinished project hanging over my head, so I am willing to pay someone to finish cutting my project on the laser cutter. I have the files all ready in CorelDraw 5 format, I have the wood, I just need someone to load the files into the cutter (either blue or red), and cut.

There are 12 panels, 6 of 1/4" and 6 of 1/8". Each takes an hour to cut (well, the 1/8" might be faster since you probably can cut faster).

I’m willing to pay $20/panel (so about $20/hr, which is pretty good for just loading up the file and babysitting the machine).

Above should be a photo of what one side of the panels will look like when laid out end to end.

If you are interested, please respond to this thread or you can send an email to - luke yes at gmail dot com


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Hello, Luke, I just signed up so I hope this, my first, post doesn’t violate any rules. If you can’t find someone here, I have used Ponoko for laser cutting of wooden gears, and was satisfied with their results. They cater to hobbyists and small projects. Of course, it would be better to do it here ourselves; that’s why I signed up. – RonArt