Looking to build some turn signal mirrors

Hi all;

I’m looking to do a series of aesthetic mods to my vehicle, the first of which is adding integrated turn signal mirrors. I tried using a universal-fit turn signal (iJDMTOY 35-331) and K-Source glass; it looks okay, but the signal isn’t bright enough to be useful and the mirror’s heating element no longer seems to work, so I need to find another solution. I want to get a full assembly with the turn signal built-in, but the turn signal wasn’t available on the car, so such assemblies aren’t made.

Has anyone here ever done anything like this? Would it be possible to 3D-print a backing plate with a cutout for the turn signal, and cut “clearer” glass to shape?

Aidan F.

@AidFHonda Have you checked other Honda vehicles that might have the integrated turn signal you are looking for?

Honda doesn’t make them. They make mirror assemblies with turn signals in the painted mirror shell, but none of them fit my vehicle.