Looking for old gears, any types - ideas?

I’ve got a sculpture in mind, which requires gears or cogs - really anything with teeth (but not Lego) None of this needs to be operational, so worn out parts are great.

Does anyone have ideas on source/s?

I might be able to dig out some laser cut gears I made years back. About 4" and 8" diameter. 1/4 plywood.

If you can find them, that would be great! No rush, as I’m out of town for a while

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Does material matter?

Found 'em. Not buried too badly. Two are painted with bronze spray paint. Two are unfinished. One still has a bushing glued on. You can see on the larger painted gear where a bushing was.

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@jamesmcnees Material does not matter.

@cfstaley - I’ll get in touch directly after I get back. Thanks for uncovering them.

Would old bike sprockets work? You can probably get a bunch of them for free, used, from bike shops (or asking on craigslist). They might need cleaning though, and might all be mounted slightly differently, unless you’re just welding them.

Any bike parts would be great. Thanks for the idea.