Looking for connector nuts/bolts

I’m looking for a source of connector bolts & nuts in quantity. Preferably 1/4" or larger. My current plan is for them to be inset and spanning 1/2", but that could be increased to 5/8". I can find them in the expensive small quantity packs at the big box stores, but I’m looking to buy 100 pairs or so.

The use case is to bolt bookcase units together as well as other cabinets. Not to assemble them using connector bolts, but to bolt the assembled bookcases and assembled cabinets together in the rooms they are going in.

I bought some several years ago from a local supplier on Braker and the quality was unacceptable.

My backup plan is to buy weld nuts and button head screws. Not exactly what I want, but they will work.


Do you have an example of the connector bolt and nut?

Well, I can use a link or embed a picture. Maybe because I am new here. No problem.

Do a search on “connector nuts and bolts”

1/4" diameter is about the smallest I want to use.

I think amazon seems to be a good bet. American Bolt might have it.

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Thanks for taking a look. I’ll dig into it further

Was Fastenal the spot with bad quality? Have you tried McMaster-Carr?

Thanks, I couldn’t remember the name. The shortest ones, which were the size I needed for a project were defective, it was impossible to screw the bolt all the way into the nut which left a huge gap. They looked like the correct part, but what they delivered wasn’t going to work.

Below are some choices. If you decide to go with the dowel nut, make sure you order the 5/8 not the 1/4. Another alternative you can look at chicago screws which they come in different grades and metals.

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Other things you can use


Heck you probably can even use a regular #8 counter sunk screw. A #6 probably would break.

Cool! I have never seen the term “KD Nut”. 18mm is longer than what I have been thinking, but I should be able to make it work. Let me look up the matching bolt and get them on order.


I just ordered 20 pairs of nuts & bolts. The shipping was more expensive than the parts. This may solve an issue that has been bugging me. Now I just need to get through the CNC Router class so I can start building. I appreciate the help!

There are different lengths.

Those “Connector Bolts” also go by the name “Sex Bolt” or “Chicago Screws”, “Chicago Bolts”

I’ve bought them in bulk from Alibaba:

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Cool, I didn’t know some of the other names. Very useful. Thanks!

American Bolt Company 5214 Burleson Rd. Austin, Tx. (South Austin) They have all the bolts and all the fasteners and you get a discount the more you buy. Hope this is helpful.



Thanks! I will check them out.

boltdepot.com has been my go-to for small numbers of random hardware for a while now. They do have a furniture section; maybe worth browsing. Bolt Depot - Furniture hardware

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Binding posts/screws is the name I’ve used. Bought a bunch to tie hanging cabinets together tight after cleating them on a textured wall.

Tractor Supply stores for common hex head, price is the best, per pound.