Looking for Classes

It looks like the only Festool Domino class on the schedule is full. I’d like to take that as soon as possible, so hopefully we have more dates in the pipeline soon.

Also, is there yet a “Shark CNC for those who know the Big CNC” class available yet? Or is that just done via one-on-one sessions? (In the latter case, who with?) Since I mainly do small stuff on the CNC, it makes sense to learn to use the Shark to spread out CNC demand.

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Ditto for the Domino class.

This reminds me that I need to add more Domino classes. How soon would you guys be interested in taking it? I typically teach Wednesdays 6-8, but let me know if that time does not work.

Side note here - David, our illustrious director of education is very busy at Rockler for the coming days, and might be slower to respond on these things than normal. Just a heads up

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Any time you have available. I could actually use it for the cabinet that we’re building for the space (to house the domino)

I’m quite flexible also. (The next available Wednesday does overlap with the monthly admin meeting, but that’s not a big deal for me.)

Would you guys be available this Wednesday 4-6 or Thursday 4-6? I can squeeze in a class for both of you before my regular 6:00 classes start (domino Wed and mentor series Thur).

I could do either if you are willing. While I do have some projects that I could use it on almost immediately, they are not so urgent that you should put yourself to too much trouble though.

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I can do either. Let’s plan for Wednesday?

For what it’s worth I’m pretty familiar with this tool and have had quite a bit of experience with its “competitors,” dowels, and biscuits. So if it would make more sense to do an abbreviated class that covers the tool itself and the space requisite expectations; and forego the discussions regarding joinery in general – it would be OK with me. (I won’t speak for Ethan). So perhaps a 5-6 would make shoehorning a class a little more palatable.

I created a class for this Wednesday 4-6pm in Neon. It is available on the Classes page at Registration link. Please register asap as I cannot block off the class from other registrations. I also made it for three people in case someone else wants to take the class, as my next one will likely be mid-August unless there’s more demand.

Let’s plan on the regular two hours. I would rather end early than go long.

I’m registered.

While I haven’t used a tool like this, I do have some joinery experience. And I’ve watched all the videos you linked in the class description and quite a few more. So I suspect the class will go quite smoothly.