Looking for a new shop space

My woodworking business has completely outgrown my garage. Does anyone have or know of any industrial spaces in the 1200-1500 sq ft range available for rent? Any recommendations for a good commercial broker?

Brian Butterfield is a great commercial broker we’ve worked with. Very cool, smart guy.

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Thank you! I’ll reach out to him.

Hey there,

There is a space open right next mine. I run a CNC / laser engraving shop, Flux CNC here in South Austin off of St. Elmo. Space is 1200 sq ft.

305 E. St. Elmo Rd. Can get you in touch with the landlord. Prices are pretty fair for the location (I pay $1450 a month) + utilities.


I believe there is interest in a South Austin makerspace / facility. I know I am for a number of reasons. But I’ve also been interviewed about my future needs. 'nuf about me. Don’t know how it would work or what facilities would be available, but even a nascent beginning may attract more people.

Hi Jon,

Thank you for letting me know about the space. I just signed a lease on Howard Lane between 35 and Mopac starting Sept 1st.

I checked out your website and you’ve got some cool stuff. If you’re interested, let’s meet up once I’m settled in. I’m sure there is opportunity for collaboration and referrals. (I may even have a signage job coming up for you to quote.)


IG: @elementalwoodworks