Looking for a house near ASMBLY (Sept/Oct)

Hey everyone -

I’m looking for a small furnished pet-friendly house, which is walking distance from ASMBLY, dates: ASAP thru end of October.

I’m moving, and there is a gap between when the shippers can pick up my possessions (9/20) and my flight (~10/20). My apartment lease is up at 9/26, and to rent another month… extremely costly. So, I’m hoping to make a “problem” into an “opportunity” and see if I can find a place to stay near ASMBLY, so I can spend as much time there as possible before flying out.

If anyone knows of a place, has a lead, suggestions, etc - please let me know (Text me @ +1.917.434.0409, email J@RO.VU). To sweeten the pot, I love fixing stuff - I’d be more than happy to work on a Home TO-DO/TO-FIX list while I’m there.

My dogs Coco & Cleo thank you!


PS: Need boxes & moving supplies.
PPS: If anyone’s interested in buying a 2014 Jeep Wrangler Sahara Unlimited 4D manual transmission, drop-top (has locked security enclosure - so you can protect your possessions while the top is down) - reach out.

We just finished moving so have some boxes if you want them. PM me and I’ll give you an address for pickup