Long term build/storage space: what are the options?

so, the use case is: I want to build and then have a place to store a pontoon boat and its trailer. there is ZERO space for such a thing where I live; I barely have room for my existing things. obviously Asmbly is great for cutting wood or metal, welding, painting, etc., but we have basically no room for long-term housing of something that big (about 18’ long by 9’ wide). is there some kind of rental arrangement somewhere that could work for something like this? ideally it would have access to power for tools and water for washing/cleaning things.

TIA for all ideas.

I know some storage facilities have outlets available. Places that have a lot of RV storage will sometimes have electricity for folks to use. I think the cubesmart near asmbly on the frontage road has a section for parking trailers.

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thanks, I hadn’t thought about an RV storage place!

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Yeah some kind of trailer/boat storage place will likely be your best bet. You can always get a generator if no outlets are available. Especially with ERCOT being the way it is, a generator is never a bad idea anyway if you don’t already have one.

Alternatively, you can try to contact small business owners in your network to see if any have empty/unused warehouse space they would rent out. You’d probably need to have a connection with somebody already though.

Also just wanted to mention that currently Asmbly isn’t really an ideal place for painting. We try to keep the VOCs to a minimum within the shop. Stay tuned for updates on the finishing room though.


good to know. yeah, I’d rather do it outside anyway.