Local Plastics/Acrylic supplier

Hi All,

I am looking for somewhere local I can buy some 1/2" thick black acrylic sheet around 12"x12". I am not really in a position to commit to a full 48 x 96 sheet yet!

Any recommendations?


Check with Allied Plastics. They are next door. There is also Regal, Interstate, and Laird Plastics

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Thanks Joe!!

Have you tried Regal Plastics on Metric Blvd? They have an off-cuts bin that you can rummage through, when you ask nicely.

Peace, Wolf

I did find a link to them here after I posted and before I heard form Joe. They did get back to me super fast but couldn’t do anything smaller than 48x96" in 1/2 black opaque. I might go rummaging though… I dont need much initially.

Regal plastics no longer maintains a cutoffs bin… That resource is now gone.

Well damn.


It’s not local, but I’ve been ordering from estreetplastics.com a lot in the past month and they ship surprisingly fast (like Amazon fast at the cheapest shipping level). I imagine I’ll be ordering more from them at some point in the coming month, so if you still need it when I do I’m happy to tack it on to my next order to help save on the shipping cost. Black Plexiglass Acrylic Sheets - Pre-Cut and Cut-to-Size

coincidently i ended up ordering form them - very fast and looks to be a good product!

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Yes, I’ve been super happy with everything I’ve gotten from them! Glad you were able to get what you needed!

Worked really well! I picked up an 84T 10" blade to make sure I could cut it without chipping.


Another online resource: https://www.delviesplastics.com

Might be a touch more expensive than http://estreetplastics.com/ mentioned above, but they do have a wider variety of color choices.

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While we’re discussing, has anyone ever come across 1/16" colored acrylic? So far I’ve only found clear in 1/16".

Not sure I’ve seen it in color. However, I’m about to head to the shop and gonna run by allied plastics and laird plastics to rummage through scrap cut-offs that Travis said they would donate and I can keep an eye out. any particular color?

Can you keep an eye out for a 1/2 thick piece, about 12in x 12in. No particular specs required, just something plastic. Hopefully something opaque

So I, unfortunately, walked away empty-handed. Laird Plastics said they wouldn’t have any recyclable material until next week to check back in. Not sure who @TravisGood talked to at allied plastics about getting some pieces from them, but they informed me that they don’t have any type of scrap on-site.

Glossy opaque black is what I was looking for in 1/16". Still planning to try what I’m aiming for with the 1/16" clear I got, but have a feeling it will end up looking a little weird.

Hmmm, unfortunate. When I’m back in Austin I’ll revisit this. I know they have pick-up cycles, times when they have more inventory and times when they have less. Regardless, that’s not the kind of response you received, I gather.

Actually, I just checked my original post where it says to ask for Hector or Tina.

I was having trouble finding 1/2" in opaque white but found Falken designs. They have good selection that are cheap but seem to hit you on shipping.

Also depending how much 1/2" opaque black you need I potentially have some off-cuts??