Local places to buy commercial emergency exit signs?

I’m thinking some folks around the shop might do purchasing for commercial/institutional facilities so maybe know good local sources:

I’m looking for a good source of exit signs like the one below:

I need 4-5 of them, by next weekend. Ideally at a good balance between price and quality, so somewhere that offered a contractor pack would be awesome.

Home Depot / Lowe’s has some, but very limited selection and we’ve had some quality issues before. Altex doesn’t appear to stock the version with integrated floodlights, which is a significant bonus for us.




I would probably order something like this from any of the industrial suppliers:

Grainger, Greybar, McMaster-Carr, or MSC should have something. Grainger or Greybar may have them in stock locally.

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Thanks, @buzmeg, I hadn’t considered those yet. I have found what we need for now, but will definitely check out those options if we need more.