Local cnc endmill seller

I forget sometimes that Sparktech exists. They sell only high quality endmills. I would say that the small extra cost is worth it vs buying from online with questionable quality. I am including the ebay store for Sparktech to show prices are really close to bits on Amazon. Ebay. You can also order through the link if you don’t want to drive. They also have knowledgeable staff who can help you choose the right bit.


Pretty much their entire inventory is on ebay now.

The most efficient way to shop is on ebay, just select “Local Pickup” for shipping, check out, and head up there. If they haven’t already picked them and put them in a box, they’ll do it in a few minutes once you’re there.


Indeed. I have been doing business with SparkTech both as a hobbyist and professionally at a machine shop. Wonderful people.