Local Acrylic Supplier

I just spoke with Mike at Polymer Shapes (he was a member of ATX Hackerspace back in the day) and he can supply large sheets of cast acrylic to be picked up locally. They sell in mostly 4’x8’ sheets but can cut them down to 4x4 or 2x4. The price he quoted me for 1/8" clear was $95, which comes in a lot cheaper than Houston Acrylics ($160 for the equivalent amount).
If you’re interested in a specific color or thickness, email him at mwolfrom@polymershapes.com.
And if there’s something you want in smaller amounts, start a thread here and maybe we can coordinate a group buy.


Also, @JoeN , Mike says Hi :smiley:


I will need to go see him. I purchased a lot of plastic from him when he worked across the parking lot.


I’m interested in being part of a group buy. I need about half a sheet of both 1/8" and 1/4" clear cast acrylic. That’s 4’x4’ each.

I’m interested too. I can take the other halves of both 1/8" and 1/4". let me know. Thanks!

Great Naveen. Do you want full 4’ by 4’ pieces? I just want 2’ by 4’ ones for ease of handling. I’ll contact Mike and see what he has available and let you know.

2’x4’ works. Please message me when you find out . Thanks!

Just want to put it out there that Laird Plastics has been great to work with, and I have worked with Regal Plastics in the past (Dallas office) without complaint. Never had an issue offering to pay cash and carry at any of these kinds of suppliers, even on small orders.


Does he sell his scraps by the pound?