Lobby bathroom renovations underway 🚧

Friendly reminder for anyone that missed the Need to Know email or signage around the space – the lobby bathroom is currently under construction. The toilet is still fully functional at the moment, but the sink and mirror have been removed. We’ll be painting, installing new fixtures including a new sink, new flooring, baseboards, etc. The sink area outside this bathroom will be available for use still and the shop bathroom will be fully available all throughout construction.

Special thanks to @David @ashleyrlee and @jamesfreeman for helping with this project!

As a side note, if you are interested in contributing some art made at Asmbly for the walls, reach out to @ashleyrlee to connect!


Thank you! Having this bathroom in good repair will be so nice.


The lobby bathroom updates are almost complete, but we are back to a fully functional bathroom!

Fixtures will be added soon and we will have a cleaning service coming every 2 weeks to clean the lobby and both bathrooms starting 10/21! :tada: :bubbles:

Next time you see @David @jamesfreeman @ashleyrlee or myself around the space, be sure and let them know how you like the new bathroom! We all worked hard to clean this space up, especially @David who tackled the walls, sink install, and baseboards. The transformation is already quite incredible!!