Loaning of Form 2 printer

I have a form 2 printer I would like to loan to the space.

Consumable materials would need to be paid for by the people using it as the consumables are expensive (I typically estimate it at 12x the cost of filament for a similar item)

I’m fine with performing the maintenance of the printer or showing others how to do it.

Seeking approval to bring it I to the space and having it be kept in the 3d printer section.


Neato. Never actually used one, but the potential seems really cool!

Curious what you’ve made with it?

I don’t know too much about the different kinds of printers, what can I do with this that makes it special?

This is a liquid resin printer. By form labs.

It is able to print in a variety if different materials with high resolution, high strength, and high clarity options.

These were used for my job previously producing prototype valves for our R&D work. Can also be used for small figurines or high detail/cosmetic items.

Thanks for this, James! Let me tag @workshop group, who can decide on this kind of thing. Thanks for wanting to share it!

This would be a great addition to our printer collection, As the facilities director I am the one that approves it.

The only things I need to know is how long you want to host it for;
you already said you would maintain and teach classes.

That’s pretty much it, I will help you fill in the hosting agreement and you will be able to bring it to the space.

Feel free to email me directly


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It’s free to be indefinite so long as the space is happy to host it.

Like said the only real concern I have is that users are responsible for consumables. But maintenance is easy enough.

I’ll go ahead and email you directly to continue this discussion.

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That is awesome thanks, Tookys! You might want to require people take an additional class so you know people are using it correctly. That is how the SLA printer is/was.

Yeah, I will. Or I’ll atleast make sure the person who teaches the 3d printer class starts covering it too.

The form labs make it pretty straight forward if you use their resins.

(Part of the resin I’m loaning it is because the current resin printer I couldnt find anybody to tell me how to use it lol)


I’d liked to get checked out on the Form2 printer. I downloaded the PreForm slicer but not sure what the setup looks like and machine interface.

Please text (512) 423-5292 to connect. Thanks

There will be a 3d printing class starting soon. So keep your eyes peeled for the announcement

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