Loading LB files into workstation

Just took a class for the two big lasers last week – looking to acquire my own copy of Lightburn.

The Asmbly wiki for Tarkin states:

“A member’s LB installation is not to be used to control Tarkin directly, but create project files to load into Asmbly’s workstation.”

Is this correct? Apparently I missed this part during the class. Does the file have to be transferred onto the HD of the computer. Or can it work directly off a flash drive? Anything else that needs to be converted regarding file type, etc.?

When you plug in a flash drive and it is recognized and opened by the computer, then your drive is now part of that computer until you remove it. So you can work with the flash drive’s files directly.

Ok I see how that wiki line may be unclear. I’ll try to reword the wiki

The workstation is running Lightburn, you just put your flash drive in the pc and load your graphics file or LB project made on any machine- including a project made on your own machine with your own copy of LB- and control the laser from the Asmbly workstation.

That is, please don’t try to connect your personal copy of LB directly to the laser from your own laptop. That could create potential conflicts with the machine configuration.


Sounds simple enough, thank you!

Understandable, thanks. All the same with Dorian?