List of Suggested Videos to help new members get started

As a newer member, I want to offer trying to consolidate the various lists of recommended tutorials for each area of the shop here on the discourse. I’ve found this the easiest place to search for information as a newbie.

I’ve managed to find a few of these lists on the signup pages for the the woodshop and metal classes.

If any of the teachers, or experienced members could add to any of these lists, I’ll try to keep nicely consolidated for future searches. (I’m sorry I don’t know enough of you to tag the most appropriate folks.)

*apologies on the thumbnails for the videos - I’ll work on how to improve the look of these

Metal Shop

Wood Shop



  • suggestions?

3D Printing

  • suggestions?

This is awesome! Thanks for putting these together!

I will have to think a bit more about specific videos, but I can point to some channels that really inspire me from various perspectives:

-Frank Howarth - General awesome woodworking stuff, with a focus on router CNC, wood lathe, and amazing video production.

-This Old Tony - Mostly comedic banter with a healthy dose of metal fabrication. So knowledgeable about all things to do with milling and CNCs.

-Alec Steele - I’m really into bladesmithing, so this is one of my favourite channels. They make some truly beautiful knives and swords and other blade type things.

-Chris Salomone - Really interesting mid-century modern inspired furniture pieces.

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Thanks @wynd - exactly what I was thinking. Sometimes it will be specific videos, and sometimes all of a person/channel.

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Ditto on the thanks here! I’m in the same boat where I can more easily recommend some great channels, but I do have a few good starter videos as well. These are all in the woodworking realm.

Bourbon Moth Woodworking - he’s silly and down to earth. Knows what he knows and knows what he doesn’t. Got some really great videos including this one that goes over some good woodworking tricks to know.

3x3Custom - Tamar - This woman is BRILLIANT! She is super smart, really authentic person and a very skilled woodworker. She has lots of interesting joinery videos including this one where she shows you how to make a crazy complicated looking joint fairly simply. She also makes a lot of electric guitars.

Stumpy Nubs - He’s really great at explaining things and has great videos on proper tool use, setup, and maintenance. He also has a fun segment called “Cool Tools” where he just shows you some various little tools he find helpful and cool. This is a really great one where he explains how wood warps.

Pask Makes - I stumbled upon this guy one day and was totally mesmerized watching him make a bladeless wooden fan and kumiko plywood screen. His Yosegi plane shaving veneers are also incredible. Really beautiful work.

DIY Creators - This guy is a little more mixed media and is very into modern design. He does stuff with concrete and wood and loves adding LED lights to stuff. He has a good video on setting up a quick and easy paint booth.

DIY Perks - Typically more electronics projects, this British guy is a good dose of cheerful and educational. He makes some really cool stuff including this smart mirror and a webcam mod that allows you to have eye contact.

April Wilkerson - Discovered her today while looking at videos of folding workbenches. It looks like she’s got some really great stuff.

OK, I’ll stop there :sweat_smile: