Lightburn 1.5.xx

New version of Lightburn is out and one new feature is really helpful for design and alignment - multiple, draggable guide lines. You can to the extreme left side near the vertical numbers and the same with the top numbers for horizontal guides. Once you see the cursor change click and drag to place the guide. Once the guides are in place you can lock them with the Shape Properties tab. If that tab is not visible you can activate in the Window menu. To lock or unlock the guide select the guide and turn on/off the Locked button in the Shape Properties window.

You can find a detailed list HERE


Nice. Looks like there are some solid improvements in there to help streamline vector work and alignment.

The taper distortion tool also looks possibly quite handy for rotary work. Neat.

Do we have the upgrade applied to ASMBLY machines yet?

We will be updating the computer to lightburn 1.5 in a few days. As with many new releases they are discovering bugs and releasing patches. We are going to let the release stabilize a bit and then update.

//// Warning shameless Laser SIG promotion approaching///////

At our next LASER SIG (Special Interest Group), we’ll go over some of the highlights of the new release. Like David, I’m excited to see the guidelines. I also want to see how well the Taper tool works for rotary!!!