Let's build a wall of art in Textiles! All hanging art welcome

In the Textiles shop, there is one huge white wall above all of the sewing machines. Now that the shop is in order, it’s time to decorate.

I’d like to invite members who have work they would like to hang on the wall in this area to get in touch with me. In addition to the display wall in the lobby, I would love to have more spaces where we can display the amazing things y’all make.

I will hang one of my paintings up in there. I’d be happy to see work hanging on that wall that represents work from any shop area.

Send me a note, and let’s start our art gallery


Love this and excited to see more art in the space! Thanks for taking lead and curating @stepho! <3

On a related note, please do rearrange the big beautiful dreamcatcher donated by Breva Creative as you see fit. The position is a little meh and was me getting it out of the MPR.