Lenses on red laser might be in need of cleaning


I’ve been engraving some mirrored glass and I’ve noticed a significant difference in power output between visits. Is there a way to get permission or “certified” to clean lenses before my shifts. I was a full time engraver for 4 years if it helps.


Had a look. The air compressor’s inlet filter was completely clogged, so it was not producing air assist pressure.



@MisterMayhem that is awesome that you are bringing that expertise to the space. Would love to get you involved with the laser team to learn more about our lasers and their unique quirks. @Stephen-L-M @mcmancuso @dannym CC:@EricP

We also have a rotary laser (Pearl) that is in the class and documentation stage getting ready to be available for all members who train on it. If you are interested in getting involved with that, be sure to reach out to @EricP (our Director of Facilities).


I ran into Danny last night as he was cleaning the optics and debugging the system (nice to meet you @dannym !) and used the system after the repair. He tested the laser after the repair and it worked, but when I went to run the laser I got an error message “Please install the cone before using air assist.” and the laser would not operate.

Danny mentioned that there is a switch the machine uses to detect the presence of the cone and that if the cone fully triggers the switch then the cone actually blocks some of the beam. Unfortunately when the cone is in the correct position the switch is close to its switching point, so a small perturbation can lead to an erroneous indication that the cone is missing even though it’s actually installed properly. With that in mind, and given Danny’s successful test just a few minutes prior, I tapped on the cone a few times with my finger and the error resolved.

The laser appeared to work normally after that but I don’t have enough experience to tell if the output was somehow diminished or abnormal. My cuts were consistent and to spec for the rest of the time I used the machine, so I assume it was operating normally again. I just wanted to let you guys know in case the error reappears and to help troubleshooting in the future. My taps were pretty gentle so I don’t anticipate I caused any misalignment but it’s always a possibility.



Mmmm ok that silly sensor is touchier than I thought- temp is a factor. I’ll come in and tweak it.


If we have basic maintenance classes, I’d definitely be interested.


Glad to hear that the issue was fixed. Thanks @dannym

It seems like that sensor for the air assist cone could use some love based on the other posts I’m seeing about it.

@valerie I’d love to get involved and lear some more. I’ve only worked wqith Epilog, but the basic function of lasers is the same, individual quirks (which they all have lol) notwithstanding.

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Man id also be interested in some laser maintenance classes for any issues that come up

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