Learn the basics of our sublimation printer - classes on the schedule

I’m leading a few orientation sessions on how to use our sublimation printer and heat press in September and October. This will be less than 1 hour long, and for each session, up to 6 people can register.

Included in the class fee are packages of sublimation paper in 2 sizes, and each participant will get a tote bag to use as a first project.

September 11 @ 11:30
September 22 @ 7:00
October 2 @ 11:30

I encourage participants to bring their laptop if possible, as that will be the preferred method for most users.

Participants can also bring a t-shirt of their own to sublimate. The best outcomes can be expected with light colored shirts. They also must have at least 50% polyester.


Do you have to take the class to use the equipment?

Just to expand everyone’s ideas of what this machine is capable of, here is a catalog of different sublimation blanks. You can essentially print full color images on any of these items.

Right now we only have a flat heat press, which of course works for t shirts, tote bags, etc. You can also do it on mouse pads, slate tiles, socks, coasters, and many other flat items.

If you do digital art or photography, you can use this to create some really stellar prints onto a metal backing. Here is a print shop offering these services just to get an idea of the quality and price of what you’ll be able to achieve.

This would absolutely be my recommendation for the next thing to pick up for the dye sublimation area. A mug press allows you to sublimate onto mugs, tumblers, glasses, etc. These are very popular gifts and I know multiple people who have set up small businesses via making mugs customized for people.

Dye sublimation is very cool. Lots of fun that can be had with this process.

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Thanks for the extra insights here @HannaKessler! Want to add that drinkware press to our Wish List wiki page? :awesome: Wish List - Asmbly Wiki (the wiki auto authenticates with Discourse when you click Log in)