Learn about FIVRR This Wednesday @ 7pm!

Hello all! Our May meeting for Entrepreneur in a Box in almost upon us. It is this Wednesday at 7pm in the Multi-Purpose Room. In this meeting we will be learning about how to set up an account on FIVRR. We will be sharing how to do it & some tips & tricks to stand out.

This is also a great opportunity to learn about how other entrepreneurs are finding success as well as any stumbling blocks they’ve run into. It’s a terrific opportunity to learn & share.

Hope you guys can join us!


This is great, thanks @Joaquim for setting this up. Fiverr is one of the easiest and most effective ways of getting your first product or service out to an already vibrant market. Additionally, it’s a great way to find great talent to help you out - find experts to build a website, design a logo, create a brand guide, write your sales copy, setup your Shopify site and more. And if you happen to know how to do those things (or want to learn), its an incredibly effective way to try out that skill you’ve always wanted to do.

Have fun with it! If you know how to “paint a picture of someone’s dog in the style of Grand Theft Auto V artwork”, or “embroider someone’s Instagram profile picture onto a chef apron for a birthday gift” “edit & publish your janky .Docx manuscript onto Amazon’s print-on-demand as a Real Book you can hold in your hands” - put that job out there and see if it gets traction! Remember, if you and your friends think its fun & valuable, some other foo’ on this planet definitely does too.

Want to really get into the entrepreneurship spirit? Sign up for Fiverr, search for a great graphic designer, project manager, and a software engineer - hire them, drop them all into a Slack channel, setup a simple website offering your “I will build your company a website or app” as a service, hit up your parents’ friends and ask them about that dream biz they’ve been sitting on for years, and make it happen.

I’ve built so many projects and little startups by just cobbling together people from UpWork & Fiverr - it’s a ton of fun. Remember, if you hire top quality experts from Fiverr, you have these experts in your network For Life. That’s quite powerful for your career, no matter what direction you take it.

Your dream job might be an Apple Pay tap away. Definitely attend this session!

// JRO

I’ll be in town 5/20-5/31. If anyone wants to jam on this next week as a follow-up to Wednesday’s session with @Joaquim, I’m happy to sit with you and help out.


I unfortunately won’t be able to make it tonight but am very interested in this topic if anyone happens to capture notes.

This is terrific advice. I frankly didn’t even think of hiring people & organizing them together to make a company. What you said gets my creative juices flowing, and that’s what Entrepreneur in a Box is all about.

As a heads up, I may not be able to attend tonight due to my car having issues, but I know @Jordanva2 & @ashleyrlee will be there. Unsurprisingly, they’re both entrepreneurs & have a wealth of knowledge.

Have fun!

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Sure. If I can make it I’ll take notes. If not, could either @Jordanva2 or @ashleyrlee take a few notes?