Lead time between purchasing membership and getting access to space?


I’ve gone through the Orientation as well as the Woodworking classes.

I’m heading out on vacation the first part of December - once I’m back I want to get registered and start working on a project.

Once I go on Neon and purchase a membership what is the process/lead time for getting everything I need to start coming into the shop (admin approval, key card, etc.)?

I’m basically wondering if I should get my membership going before I leave even though I’ll then be gone for a week and a half, or if I can come back and then get everything all set up promptly?

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If you’re attendance was taken :white_check_mark: and you’ve signed the waiver :x:, then you should receive an email for OpenPath (facility access system) within ~6 hrs of purchasing your membership. The link for Skedda (scheduling system) will be included in the email receipt for your membership purchase.



Correction here. DO NOT let anyone else in. If their Openpath is not yet working, go through proper channels.