Lathes/Sanding Station Down

It seems like none of the outlets in the shop corner with the lathe and sanding station are working. Does any one know what’s going on or when it will be fixed?

It’s the circuit breaker. The circuit has a load issue and trips. It’s ok to reset at the panel.

Thanks, Danny. Where is the panel located? Are the breakers labeled to indicate which breaker controls that corner of the shop?

It is panel L5 behind the green dust collector, circuit 1. Breaker in top left (position 1) labeled “SCAFFOLD/REVOLT” (from an old shop layout, that scaffold is no longer there).

Note that there are 3 states a breaker can be in- it will only be in the far “off” position if manually pushed there. “Tripped” is close to “on” and sometimes not obvious when you look at it. When it doubt, try to wiggle it a bit, when latched in the true “on” position it will not wiggle. To reset, flip all the way off then back on.

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Just a follow up to Danny’s post

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I also went and labeled the outlet with the electrical panel to look for and the circuit number. For ex: the label would say “Circuit L5-1” L5 is the name of the circuit breaker panel and “1” is the circuit breakers position in the panel. @RDChilders and I have spent an hour each Sunday labeling all of the circuits. One panel at a time.

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Last night the sanding station and outlets were working but the Large Laguna lathe still had no power. Does anyone know the issue there?

@westleyjosiah. We had to turn a circuit on that was pre existing. The big lathe power had to be removed to make that happen. The labeling project is letting me know when we can move the lathe power so we can connect that circuit. Sorry for the inconvenience.