Lathe tailstock repair

Hey @JoeN,

I took a look at the tailstock after class yesterday.

The little block on the base that screws 32 and 33 squeeze on is broken. The screws must have both been tightened in their pockets enough to pop the cast iron. Then they were both in too far and when you release the slide lock they would pop up over the broken chunk and make the tailstock hard to move and get the locking cam out of whack.

I backed them out a bit and then crept them in to get the tailstock aligned by eye. They adjust the X axis of the tailstock to control taper. You have to loosen one and then tighten the other, not just tighten them both.

I think a long term fix is to mill the broken base flat and then put a brass block in, bolted to the headstock base, for the screws to act against. I’m not sure if there is a locking screw for this adjustment.

The tapered ends of screws 32 and 33 are pretty fubar. Should be easily fixable since we have a lathe.

I’ll be in on Wed afternoon for my fob and can work on this. I did the Techshop class on the manual mill but haven’t been checked out on this one. Will you be around Wednesday eve?

Thank you Adam for looking. I won’t be in Wed. I might in before or after Wed. I would definetly like some help with the lathe. Let me know if you find the shear pins and send a link. I will get those ordered. I measured and ordered a 2 position switch for the mail power switch.