Lathe - Pen Turning

I’d like to try out pen turning at some point, and I was wondering if the wood shop has a pen-turning mandril? My understanding is that pen turning requires a specific one, and I’ve seen them online for $10-40.


Yep! We have at least two pen mandrels that should work. In fairly certain they will fit in to the Laguna, but check it out and see. You should be able to tell pretty quick if they’re seating properly. Just make sure to use the tail stock on the mandrel, which should have a little spot for the tail stock to fit in.

Also, there are metal guides that will help you figure out how wide to leave the wood so that it flows with the metal parts of the pen, but you should be able to pick up those guides wherever you get your own kit.

I’m no pen expert, but I’ve made a handful of them so let me know if I can help with anything else!

Awesome thank you!