Lathe parting tool cutter

I chipped the parting tool insert last night on the lathe. I was not able to locate any replacement cutters and also could not figure out how to pull out the broken one that was in there. There isn’t a set screw or anything that holds it in place. Is the lathe being treated the same where there is a consumable donation fund for replacements?

We were out of the parting tool cutters; I believe some are on order. I don’t understand how that tool works either; I had an insert get damaged also two weeks ago. But I believe we are treating inserts as consumables that we expect to replace periodically.

I have similar parting tools and the carbide nests in the holder with some downward spring force

We have cutters for the parting tool, though it seems one side has been damaged enough that the insert doesn’t fit. The other side seems OK. Just remember that this is strictly a parting tool – for cuts straight in with material on both sides. Any lateral force will push the insert out; nothing is holding it in that direction. Other groove shapes require a different tool.

This is one place an indexable cutter has downsides. You want the carbide for cutting stainless steel, but a single piece HSS parting tool would be better if you’re cutting aluminum. We have a couple of these; I’ll sharpen them and put them out too.

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I was parting steel when it broke. Probably chock it up to not going in straight enough. I referenced off the end which I hadn’t faced first.

you can pull the blade out by loosing the screw on the back of the holder (opposite side of the holder from the cutting edge)

The insert itself can be pulled out with a special tool that uses the hole underneath the insert to wedge it out. Not sure where it is but it should have come with the blade.