Laser SIG (Special Interest Group) May 5th 11:00am

Hey all!
A new month a new Laser SIG (Special Interest Group). If you’re interested in laser cutting or curious to see what people are making swing by the Laser SIG on Sunday May 5th at 11:00. We meet right after the CNC SIG, which starts at 9:00am. Make it a double header and show up for both!

Brian will be demoing a recent project, as requested I’ll show some interesting features in Lightburn, and of course Show and Tell!!!

Looking forward to seeing you there!!!

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After @SteveW did his multi-plane Harry Potter shadow-box a month or so ago, I was so enamored with it that I thought I’d give it a try by making a multi-plane scenic-photo shadow-box with a simple-frame. At the SIG I am planning to show my step-by-step photos of what I did after taking the sublimation printing course from mask design to image generation to sublimation printing to laser print-and-cut to assembly.

Sorry I could not be there for you presentation. But I heard it went well. You may have set a new high bar for show and tell at a SIG!!!

Michael wasn’t able to make this SIG meeting, so we’ll have to wait for his tips on Lightburn.

Brian showed off his laser project, a multi-layer photograph using sublimation laser cutting, 3D printing and generative AI!

The results were awesome, my picture doesn’t do it justice!

His step by step presentation and Q&A on how he did it was very informative and inspiring!
Thanks for putting in the time to organize and share your notes Brian!

We discussed

  • Sublimation tips from @stepho
  • Print and Cut feature in Lightburn
  • Dithering patterns (line interval)

We ran out of time, but one more thing I wanted to bring up in the meeting was the new wiki updating project!

The suggested power settings for Dorian are way off, and in general we’re pushing to do some housekeeping when it comes to the laser wiki as it could use some love. (besides Tarkin, that one’s everybody’s favorite!)

Thanks for coming out everyone, it’s always a blast sharing techniques and stories!

@Felipeg101 check out this example.

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