LASER NEWS! Read all about it!

Blue is back online and has been rotated to be on the wall next to Tarkin

Pearl has also been moved to be directly across from Blue on the opposite wall and will be temporarily offline (hopefully just 1 wk) while we run ducting and power to the new location

This is in preparation for the arrival of Dorian, our new Laguna EX-C laser which is scheduled to arrive tomorrow! :tada: :awesome: We’re hoping to get Dorian online pretty quickly – being able to use the existing power and ductwork that Pearl was using should make it fast. For now, we will use the laptop the machine comes with to run it, but we’ll eventually have a desktop PC for it. Exciting times for the Laser Room!

Also, if you haven’t checked out the wiki, you should! Lots of great info about our laser fleet – Category:Lasers - Asmbly Wiki


What was the repair that got Blue back into working order?

A new bed was made for it, to replace the one pearl snagged. I’m not sure who or when that was done.
The exhaust fan was re installed and is now working.

I believe the bed needs some work still done, but should function for now.

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Very cool news. I love the term “Laser Fleet”. Makes Danny the Commodore, or Admiral?

We’re still looking for a catchy name to call the laser room…

The main thing was the IOT relay we used to turn on the blowers was out of stock everywhere. @lukeyes had one that he donated.

Thanks, I understood from Danny that the controller might have been defective.

Glad that (expensive) replacement wasn’t required.

“The NON-Smoking Lounge”?

Or “The Precisely-Controlled Smoking Lounge”… but might need to workshop that one a bit to be more catchy.

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Oh also, if you haven’t been to the space in the last week, Dorian has arrived!

We’re still getting it setup, so not fully online yet but do be sure to take a peak at it next time you’re in the shop!