Laser Holdfasts

I was using to make some trays and inserts. I use this site a lot. Yesterday, I was poking around, and came across laser holdfasts. So I cut some out. Wow. I’m sold.

I’m at another makerspace for a couple of weeks, so the dimensions I used were for the grid here. It may well be the same as Tarkin, Dorian and the others.

Preloaded values from, but 8mm shaft width.
They work best when the shaft is away from the material, and the hook is touching the edge of the material. I used 3mm BB. Magnets will still have their uses, but these things hold the edges down great.

On this laser, they work X and Y orientation, plus they can rotate a bit. Press down firm on the top of the shaft.

To release, push the edge farthest from the hook. You might need another hold fast to help, if it’s in firmly.


@David has been using a similar product.

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Bryan showed us some in the big lasers class that I liked a lot but couldn’t figure out where they went after

We can cut dozens out of scrap. We might want to try some 6mm plywood. It’ll need a smaller shaft dimension, but it should have more holding power. Useful for thicker material.

I cut a handful for Dorian and have been using them extensively. Be aware that the honeycomb is different between Dorian and Tarkin so what works on one does not work on the other. Due to their size we need a tray to hold them and will cut one this week or next.

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Cool. Etch the name of the laser on them.

Thanks for the tip Charlie. This is great!

I put a box of these pins / holdfasts on Dorian this morning along with some other hold downs and alignment jigs ( straight, right angle, arc ). I can put the LB file on GitHub.

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I didn’t know we had a GitHub, where does it live?


(Only 2 of those repos are actively used – one of which is brand new for storing shared projects)


perfect, thats exactly why i asked. i was gonna add the files for the clamping squares and the pushsticks for whoever wants