Laser Cutter Materials available for purchase?

Does the makerspace still sell small sheets of acrylic for laser cutting purposes?
I only need 6 inches by 6 inches. Is there still a “community scrap” pile that I might be able to scrounge enough material out of?

there is a community scrap pile but I don’t recall seeing any acrylic around. although I may have overlooked it. what thickness do you need? I have a strip of excess acrylic I can sell to you for like $5 just don’t know the length and width of it, but we can work that out at the shop if interested.

I just gave Regal Plastics a call about whether they sell scraps; often this is all hobbyists needs when learning or doing small projects. Though Regal recycles all their cut-offs and they don’t sell their scrap, they said that for education purposes Regal would be happy to give us any surplus scrap acrylic.

If one of our laser instructors stopped by, they’d be allowed to rummage through Regal’s scrap and take what they like for free. Recycling pick-up is on Friday mornings so the greatest selection would be on Thursday. They’d expect that we’d let ASMBLY members know where the scrap came from and would hope to get members business.

Perhaps Matt or Bryan or Danny or others would like to take them up on this offer?


Just talked with Laird Plastics and they made the same offer. An instructor could go to their store and talk with either Hector or Tina about rummaging their acrylic sheet scrap and taking (for free) what we find for education purposes. They too would just appreciate it if we let members/students know where the plastics came from.

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That’d be great! My part is 2" x 1" and I need 4 of them plus room to make a mistake so anything 10 - 20 square inches works as long as one dimension is at least a little over an inch. Thickness ideally 1/8th inch, although I think I can make 1/4 in work.

I’ll be in the shop tomorrow in the morning if that works for you. if not just let me know when is good. I’m pretty sure I’ll be there on Sunday too.

That works great! I’ll arrive ~ 9:45 AM. I’ve booked time on the Blue laser from 10AM - 11:30AM.

Sounds good

I would also check with Allied Plastics. They are literally next door to the shop

Thanks for calling around to check on this @TravisGood! That would be really great to have some instructors go by there and start forming some relationships. I should have some print materials by the beginning of July that people can take with for this sort of thing (generic business cards coming soon as well!).

Tagging our current laser teachers to make sure they see this - @mcmancuso @Bwarez

I could potentially go by there as well on Thursdays that I don’t have a class to teach.