Laser Consultant ( new)

Saw the original "Laser Consultant " post and adding my own . Although I have attended classes on the subject, I would benefit from some additional practical training specifically tailored to my initial use of the machine (tarkin or dorian)

My current requirement involves personalizing several cutting boards and other wooden items. Essentially, I am seeking guidance from someone who can demonstrate the process to me once again and then observe as I work through the remaining boards I need to complete. This approach would allow me to efficiently accomplish the required tasks while simultaneously learning through hands-on experience. I estimate the training session to take approximately 1-3 hours.

Happy to compensate in $$ or wood . If anyone is available this week and willing to offer their time, please email me at

thanks !


Hey Jeff. I’d be happy to assist with your project. I’m available any anytime Thursday if that works. We can figure a trade for wood or whatever. Let me know if your interested. If not Thursday, would be next week.

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