Laser classes Signup Post

UPDATE - Class registration for laser classes is now on Neon! Check out the upcoming classes and registration links at

We now have laser classes being taught every week with the blue and Red being taught every other week. Here is this link for the classes, Please sign up and the spreadsheet and show up at the posted time. If you are a new member and will need a keyfob please email instructor ahead of time to let them know they will have to let you in.

The next class is on 8/13 @blackbloom @rjwillimas1914 @gordoa40

Here is the google sheet for the laser classes the Red is on its own tab of the spreadsheet.


Just saw this and signed up. Thank you!

Thanks Jenny, I knew I forgot to tag someone, see you thursday.

Looks like I am scheduled for the 13 of Aug, which is perfect.
Don’t see that date on the spreadsheet. Do I need to change anything? I will also need help entering the facility. Cheers

@blackbloom your on the blue laser class on the 20th, the red classes are on the second sheet of the document. That is where the august 13th date is posted.

Next class is on the 27th for the RED laser sign up on the sheet above @da5idii @sheikebab @LivingOnTheEdgeKupec @mlandry

Signed up, let me know what I need to do before the class. I assume this is in person class?

Eric, Thanks for reaching out – there were four dates shown, but I dup’ed the 27th for mine. Please confirm that is what you meant…

Thank you for your interest! Steve

Steve Kupec

Owner, Living on the Edge Woodwork

Cell: 512-473-9796

Nothing just show up, and be ready to pay the fee after you take the class via cash check or Venmo.

See you thursday

Yep your good to go on Thursday the 27th at 7PM.

See you then

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I have not taken the blue laser class yet, is that a prerequisite for the this class?

Hi, Brian, No, you can take Red right out of the gate – Blue and Red just have some different pro’s and con’s and settings and …talents I guess? Some people prefer one for the work they do and some prefer the other.

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I did not see your email until tonight. I went to the link to sign up but it looks like all of the spots are full because there are only 4 slots. Can there be a 5th slot? I put my name below the others, is that what you mean by “sign up”.



Sure, add another slot on the 8:30 section.

Thanks, I’ll see you then.


I had a personal problem pop up late this afternoon and had to miss the class. Happy to pay the $30 if you bought supplies.

I moved my name to the bottom of the list so I can get into the next class.

Sorry for the inconvenience,


Dont worry about it michael ,
i’ll let you know when the next class is


@sknodl @mlandry @Thinkin_FellerTG

I put you in for the laser class at 7pm thursday the 10th of this month.
Please remove yourselves or tell me if you cant make it.

If anyone else would like me to add a earlier or later section on thursday let me know.


@Bwarez @gordoa40 @Thinkin_FellerTG
Reminder for anyone interested there is a Red laser class this thursday at 7 or 830 Please sign up on the googlesheet if you would like to attend

Red laser class tonight at 7, two more slots available if anyone’s interested.