Laser box design for screws & small components

Hi, @mrflip, I got a request from @gunnarkl today for your laser component box design. Is that something you’d be able to share here? Is it in the cloud anywhere? Thank you!

those boxes and the 3d printed are very cool :slight_smile:

1 Like — I have some Of the ones I assembled that I can give you if you’re less picky about them nesting correctly. I used the drawer trays and lightly customized the drawings to optimize wood usage, but they’ll work out of the box just fine.

Here is one that I saved — example output // edit screen — that should give you good params for the revolution ply poplar you can get at Lowe’s.

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fantastic flip, thanks for the boxes. I have a budding maker at home who needs just this. Without a system she makes a mess and her sister throws away her treasures! thanks again.

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