Large format (regular) Ink printer

Hi all, wondering if there is a regular ink printer at ATHS that does 11x17 or bigger?


There are two large-format ( think a 36" and a 48" ) printers in the lounge, but I don’t know what their consumables or maintenance situation is.

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I actually have an HP Officejet 7000 that I need to sell. They are listing on EBay for at least $150. The new ink that I purchased for it should arrive today so that I can test it. If it turns out to be good (I have no reason to believe that it wouldn’t) I’d like $100 for it.

The really large format printer in the lounge was donated in April by an older couple, Bill and Beverly Morgan, who did a lot of photography but were moving away (Thanks B & B, for thinking of us!). They left a TON of paper with us, 16x20, 18X24 I think, matte, glossy, and even rolls of larger paper – it takes something like 12 inks – @MMcATX if you are wanting to figure out how it works, @flip and I could come in one weekend and do some distanced figuring out with you. I brought it in but haven’t hooked it up – eric assembled it, and we need to see how the computers in the lounge are faring, maybe you could connect to a laptop more easily with the right driver?


My printer turned out to be garbage anyway.

(chuckle) I want to hit “dislike” button! I’m sorry it turned out to be garbage. We are having our own printer troubles at home and I am having Office Space fantasies.

i literally had that exact fantasy, but then i didn’t want to clean up the mess!

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@kye I did find a solution since my post (Office depot does “engineering printing” by the ft.) but can still come in and help set it up. Would be cool to have something like that up and running. Do you know if it has ink?

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That would be great, to get it up and running! It does have all the ink containers in it – though whether they are operational I’m not sure. Yes, if we could work together to get it operational, that would be amazing. We could book into the Maintenance slot, I can check with Flip too, he knows some of the wrangly bits of printer hookups –

Hey Kye, lets have a look this weekend hey!?

Hi, Matt, Dang it! I’d love to, however I just scheduled a writing weekend with a friend – we are both going stir-crazy at home and YET not getting our writing projects done? So we are going to quarantine ourselves together, take walks, and (I hope) focus like the writing beasts we are.

But I don’t want to hold up the show.
I am excited to loop some folks into this conversation who have tech chops and could be available this weekend to help (in a distanced way) to get the large-format printer in the lounge operational – I’d book people under Lounge and Maintenance if folks are available for this – We’ve been talking about whether we can make the printer plug-and-play with individual laptops or actually try to make it play nice with the lounge computers – that question is still up in the air.

@Bion @KrisCedron @da5idii @Jon @mrflip @mistertwo, would anybody have fun helping Matt with this project this weekend?

The Main thing that also needs to be addressed for this printer to be part of this space long term is to figure out a pay to print system, The cartridges are an enormous consumable expense and the Hackerspace will not cover it after the free cartridges we got run out.

I won’t be available for most of the weekend. I have something Saturday and then I have my woodshop safety training Sunday. I should be able to help after that.

I can also help for about an hour after the woodshop safety training Sunday

Thanks guys! I am booked in for 10-1pm tomorrow if anyone wants to check it out - otherwise we can schedule for another time. I am not in a rush.

I would be free next Sunday post woodshop intro course (I had to reschedule mine)

Sorry Kris, I am out of town this weekend - but dont wait on me if you guys want to get going on it! : )