Large CNC spoilboard

I got to the shop today and noticed the large CNC spoilboard had about a 1/2 inch cut through it over a large area. Not sure who did this and/or if it was reported but please make sure you are checking your depth settinga

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I’m sure it’s not always possible…. But I find that if there is any way to do the job by setting z to the very top of the spoilboard instead of the top of the stock - it makes it nearly impossible to cut into the spoilboard at all


It’s been that way since at least last Tuesday (May 16th) right after it was resurfaced.

Hi! That was me. I also donated $85 for a new spoilboard, but did not hear anything nor has it been resurfaced.


Thank you for the donation. Please remeber to make a post or report it with the QR codes in the future. This will help us address the problem quicker.