Large CNC down? (Fixed)

The breaker to the large cnc is shut off. Looking over the machine, the left x-axis endstop was knocked off. I can tape it back in place, but is that was it was shut off? I don’t see any kind of red tag on it, nor on skeda.

I’m coming to take a look

Joe supergluded the sensor back in place and now it’s all normal.

Thanks Joe! Any additional reason why the breaker was tripped? Someone was trying to indicate there was a problem?

I had no other issues. My guess is that the x sensor was loose, someone couldn’t figure the problem out and shut it off at the breaker.

As I was cleaning up, I noticed the sensor was loose again. Joe came by earlier and glued it back in place, but that didn’t hold it seems. I red tagged it with a short note about the sensor.

Also, the router does drilling into aluminum beautifully. I’m going to pick up a slightly larger drill bit for my next cnc session. I was able to pilot drill the whole piece in 5 minutes, and it did much better during the roughing phase.

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Fell off again as of 1600h on 7/31. Noticed while I was doing other stuff in the shop. Fixed label should be removed!

The glue wasn’t a lasting fix, the sensor came off. I cleaned it all off and reseated it and took the tension off the wire, it’s good to go now.