Laguna IQ max feed rate?

I discovered that the max XY cutting feed rate for the Laguna IQ is set to 4500mm/s (177in/s) and wanted to double check that is indeed what it’s supposed to be set to. I was wondering why it wouldn’t cut faster even though I would increase the speed percentage on the hand controller by 10% (something like .70 to .80) and this finally explained it.

Hi Josh, can you elaborate on what you were encountering? 177 in/s is insanely fast—do you mean mm/min and in/min?

I regularly cut at 200 in/min on Swift, I haven’t come up against any hard coded feed rate limits on either swift or IQ. Curious where that 177 number came from.

Both machines have feedrates limits programmed into the controllers. If your programmed rate is faster than the max controller rate, you will be limited to the max rate.
The IQ is programmed slower than the Swift.


whoops don’t know why I used seconds, I meant 4500mm/min or 177 in/min, sorry for the confusion.

That makes sense James, my programmed feed rate was around 5500mm/min but the real time feed rate on the hand controller would never get higher than about 4500mm/min even when I had the speed scale on the hand controller set to 1.0. I’ll probably need to switch to the Swift.