Labor Day 2023-edition show and tell

Thanks! Yeah the Birks I cut on the laser from a pattern I purchased. Then I bought the soles, footbeds, and buckles and :sandwich: it all together with strong glue.


You’ve inspired me to try the lathe. Those pieces are gorgeous. Did you get your wood from Woodcraft or elsewhere?

So I do actually occasionally do projects for myself.

This serving tray was a designed-on-the-fly test project made entirely from pieces of cheap 2x4s taken from the scrap cart. There were some really nasty brittle knots in them; a couple of pieces fell apart completely while I was squaring them up and I had to scavenge more. The bottom didn’t glue up flat, I had tear out on many of the half rabbet corners, and I misplaced the hand holes both horizontally and vertically because I placed the origin incorrectly in my CNC file. I finished it with a cheap all-in-one stain and polyurethane sealer I bought for some abandoned project years ago (back before I knew any better).

In short, this was a total bodge job … and possibly the most useful thing I’ve made. I use it every single day to take food and dishes between my bedroom and kitchen (because I let my home renovation components take over my kitchen table). I used to juggle multiple plates and glasses on the stairway, with the occasional entirely predictable disaster, but no more. It’s sized to take up part of a tray table and leave room to use my laptop’s external mouse (which sits on the adjacent tray table).

This was inspiring enough that a nicer variation of this may be the target project for a class on router table basics that I’m considering putting together for Asmbly.


Thank you! The Sycamore was from branches I picked up after the Icepocalypse. Maple and Walnut are from a stash of cutoffs I got free from a local business a few years ago, but you can find the same thing at most hardwood suppliers and local saw mills. Take some classes from David Disko. He will start you off right.

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@atwatsoniii I’ve yet to see such impressive use of natural woodgrain! The colors are so striking. That said, to create two doors that size and get them to remain functionally flat?!?!? OMG what did you learn to achieve THAT goal? How the heck did you glue up your panels? Flat glue joint, biscuits?

I love that when you open the doors, the grains almost shouts “SURPRISE!” Beautiful work. Kudos

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I did not make this but have to share - Julian made this for me for my birthday and it is SO BEAUTIFUL. I’m obsessed.


Ok, this doesn’t currently look like much. It is the internal structure for a sculpture I’m working on. But these pieces (which fit together perfectly) are the result of me finally using the CNC and lasers. With a little (ok a lot) of help from @jamesfreeman and @michleon100, and including @SteveW as backup assist for the CNC day.

Now, if the rest of the project goes to plan, none of this will be visible when it’s complete :joy:


This one has been a real long time coming. Client is from the PNW but has put down roots in central Texas. He wanted something for his record player and records that would bridge both of his homes.

Case is reclaimed old growth Douglas Fir from the JJ Pickle research campus purchased from Harvest Lumber. Top is Post Oak from Bill Stuewe out in Georgetown. Legs were cut by Heart of Texas Metalworks out in Manor

Everything took longer than it was supposed to and I’d do a bunch of stuff differently, but I’m more or less pleased with how it turned out.


One photo (with a ball and chain I made, but missing a sweet dynamite bag that Sara James made - TBD), a large built in, and a shoe bench in between.


Only exciting if you are into lasers, been material testing all weekend. Learning the ins and outs of MOPA laser engraving.


So jealous.

Finished coasters and Polaroid frame:


@DirtHurt Oh man, those frames are snazzy. India loves taking polaroids, not sure if I should show her these.


Haha thanks! I could certainly make a ton of em :money_mouth_face:

Long time no see @Devmani. I hope to run into you sometime soon.
Are you making it out to the Community Meeting tomorrow?


Depending on work yea I maybe able to make it out there.

Here are a few of my summer time projects for your review - a couple of benches, some charcuterie boards, and a ski bench for my son’s house in Seattle…


My first project completed at asmbly :slight_smile: Made from water oak scraps and a wooden 3d puzzle


Nice! Do you have a closeup of the supports?

Thanks! Here are the supports. They turned out fairly well although next time I’d use the sander instead of the jointer to even them out since the jointer ended up tearing out a couple of spots. And leave the clamps on for longer while the glue is setting :slight_smile:


Looks great! Does every project finish with “and next time I’d…”