Kohl’s on Howard is closing and liquidating all their shelving, pop, fixtures and displays

If you run a market there’s a lot of really good display fixtures and tables.

If you build tables there’s a lot of very cheap high quality table legs.

Storage, shelving, lockers, cages.

This Saturday (September, 17th) at 10:00am

These locking shelf/cages are $200/ea. I believe they’re the most expensive things you can buy there.

Folding Display Tables $200/ea

Rolling Racks $150/ea

These shelves are $150/ea

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On no, don’t tempt me.


Looks like I’m buying some wire racks…


Thanks for sharing…

Do y’all know where to find any official info about this? Is it an open event, or need to register or anything like that?

I’m not sure there official information. I just talked to the lady that was putting price tags on everything. She’s hired as a retail liquidator.

She said Saturday, September 17th, 10:00am