Keyhole slots on the SO

The Shaper Origin is perfect for keyhole slots on the back of name plate signs I’m making for a client. Much easier to position the workpiece than on the CNC and less prone to errors compared to a router table.

That’s great to know. What geometry did you use? Does the SO know you have a keyhole bit? Just curious how to get the bit to exit back through the entry.

I downloaded a T Hole slot file from Shaper Hub. I may modify it a bit in the future but it worked well enough for the current project. The file has two tool paths. First do an automatic helix plunge for the round hole. Let it retract. Switch to the slot tool path, which starts in the middle of the round hole. Make sure it plunges to full depth before moving the router. Make sure to end at the start point and press retract so that the bit withdraws straight up. I used a grid to lay out the two slots symmetrically and referenced the workpiece against the side of the horizontal MDF support block for easy alignment of multiple parts.

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Cool. Thanks!