Keycard Not Working(RESOLVED)

Hi I just joined last week and got my keycard after my first wood shop class. I went last night and it wasn’t working (someone let me in). The pad on the front and back door would recognize the key and the light would turn green but wouldn’t unlock the door.

Is there some trick to the doors that I am unaware of or does this seem to be a card issue?

Keycard is #13

Thanks for the help!

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Sounds like maybe the keycard didn’t get fully activated. You should be able to just swipe it and have it unlock the door. @EricP has been handling most of the keycard stuff, can you check this on this?

I gave him the fob and checked to make sure all of the fobs ‘worked’, but I only made sure they they were recognized by the reader. I didn’t think to make sure they actually unlocked the door. They all were recognized and made the reader beep and the light turn green, like mine does, so I figured they were good to go but apparently not. Sorry about that! Hopefully you can get that sorted out soon and none of the others were broken in the same way.