Kerf Bent Dog Crate

Yall may have seen me around here asking about cutting acrylic, bending baltic birch etc… Well I finally finished the dog crate I’ve been working on. Its made from Baltic Birch, walnut dowels, aluminum bar and an acrylic door. This took way too long but i’m glad to see it complete and happy with how it turned out.


Very inspirational. Want to do something similar now.

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With pup! :orange_heart:

Great project. Thanks for sharing the pictures of the final results.


Also, hexagons are the bestagons :crazy_face:


absolutely haha

Gorgeous!! This turned out so well @keeganb!!!

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Well done!!


It looks like you managed to get the kerf cuts to work out like you were aiming for. Any lessons learned you care to share with the class?

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This is amazing! Did you steam bend the corners? I’m trying to make a coffee table with similar edges and I’m stuck.

Again, great job!

@Hdeit here is a link to Keegan’s original post when working on this

Yeah they worked out pretty well! I learned that the online kerf bending calculator online works decently well you just need to figure out your depth first kf using an angled bit then you have to measure the thickest part going through the wood and use as kerf in calculator

  • you can wet the bent face of the wood to help prevent cracking
  • do too many cuts instead of too little if you need precise angle - because when the wood is flushly bent its so strong even ratchet tow straps couldnt bend it further
  • CNC gave me some tearout on baltic birch (with an upcut bit) than router. Perhaps some settings and different bit would help
  • sand before bending and gluing
  • air compressor works great to get the sawdust out of the grooves - it gets pretty stuck in there
    oh and last but not least bending to a form is pretty helpful

I cut V shaped grooves with a shallow angle ball nose router bit! But rockler sells a steam bending kit thats pretty cheap and i’ve seen larger pieces bent in steam bags (instead of box) that looks intriguing


Thank you!