Kerf Bending Baltic Birch

Does anyone have experience kerf bending baltic birch? I’ve been trying a new technique using a tapered router bit instead of the table saw to make “invisible” kerfs using home depot plywood and I’m thinking of upgrading to baltic.

The technique, although hard, seems to work quite well. Feel free to ask if you are interested to learn about it. I’m using this bit to make the kerf cuts: Router Bit I’ve tried the cnc but found slightly better results with just the router


Looks like very promising results. I’ve wanted to try out some similar techniques myself, but never got around to it. Following thread to learn. :slight_smile:

Nevermind the grain direction patch work, but here is my attempt on a large scale with 3/4 inch plywood. The math to get exact degree bends is frustrating and precise, for example here I got impatient testing and ended up getting slightly wider than 90 degree bends. A pro and con of this technique is that the flush kerfs are so structurally sound that it can’t be bent past its contact limit even with ratcheting straps. For these I did 7 cuts about half an inch apart. Max width of each cut was approx. 1/8 inch


I am attempting to recreate this $600 dog crate without steam bending

I’d say you’re doing a pretty stellar job at it! I love the look of these kinds of things, but haven’t tried any myself. Another option I imagine you’ve already considered is building up to the desired thickness and basically creating your own plywood. That’s a lot of work, but I’ve seen some really cool stuff with that technique.

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You can use a steamer to help with the wood bending.

You might also try “bender board”, a flexible plywood. They sell it at Fine Lumber near Asmbly, and two 3/8” thicknesses glued together and pressed between forms (looks like you already have a positive form) will give you something very sturdy. You’d have to glue a veneer to the faces you want to look pretty. Not many people know this stuff exists, and it solves many problems.

The end result of your tapered kerf bending looks awesome though!