Just a tad more paint help needed tomorrow!

Hey folks! Thanks so much to everyone that helped out today. The shop is looking fantastic.

If anyone is available tomorrow, the MPR needs one last coat of paint :art: I have commitments from 1230PM onwards, so I’m going to try and come in at 11. But any time tomorrow is a great time to help out!! If there are three or four of us we can knock it out in an hour. :muscle:

I’m going to be about twenty minutes late, but if any of you beautiful people are already there to help paint, have at it! We are doing a second coat on the light blue. There are paint poles and ladders and rollers and brushed galore. See you soon!

While this didn’t happen today, I wanted to share the punch list in case someone can tackle it in the coming days:

Apply a second coat of light blue paint on the 3DP filament wall.
Apply a second coat of light blue paint on the entrance wall.
Rinse the brushes in the paint bucket and dispose of the roller cover. Dispose of the paint water in the woodshop slop sink.
Replace outlet covers (found in a plastic bag with paint supplies in the corner).
Remove tape from surfaces.
Reset the room by putting the filament stations, resin stations, whiteboards, library, fridge, and soda machine back against the wall. Rehang the textiles sign, fire extinguisher, and clock.

If anyone has some time in the coming days to tackle these tasks, it would be much appreciated. If not, I will do it on Thursday. :saluting_face:

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Most of this is now complete, still some outlet covers and rehanging to do