June Entrepreneur SIG This Thursday!

Hey y’all!

It’s almost time for Entrepreneur SIG again (hooray)!! This month’s meeting will be hosted in the Asmbly Multipurpose Room this Thursday, June 20th @ 7pm. Huge thank you to @michleon100 who will be hosting this month’s session while I am out of town!

This week we will work on filling out your Business Model Canvas, a strategic management tool used to visualize, design, and communicate a company’s core business logic. It’s essentially a blueprint that outlines the key elements of how a business creates, delivers, and captures value. This is a strong next step to move towards after completing the initial “Build-a-Business Introduction Survey” that we did last session. Defining these factors will also help lead us into our topic for next month!

This month will be hosted in person with no Zoom link. Thanks in advance to all those who will be able to attend, and thank you again to @michleon100 for hosting this session!!