Juki LU-562 operation: lubrication...go nuts!

The Juki is an awesome machine, so as we all start using it more it’s critically important that we lubricate it regularly and correctly. Here are some tips and info to help out.

some tips:

  • plan to lubricate before and after you use the machine
  • only use the clear sewing machine oil, it won’t stain most fabrics
  • add at least a couple of drops to each of the ports with red paint (see the video below for more detailed description)
  • plan to wipe down the surfaces your textiles/leather will touch and consider running the machine on some scrap fabric to ensure oil isn’t dripping on your fabric.

bonus points:

You get extra karma for treating the machine like it’s yours and spending a couple extra minutes on it! Try this:

  • with the machine turned off, carefully tilt the machine back (it’s heavy), and rest it on the table.
  • add a drop or two of sewing machine oil to every metal to metal part
  • wipe down excess oil or soiled areas with paper towel or rag with an eye toward cleaning it up inside
  • flip the machine back and repeat the process on the mechanisms under the front cover
  • don’t forget to give the mechanisms at the rear of the machine some love too!
  • don’t forget the bobbin area!

watch the video:

This whole video is great but of particular interest is his description of what needs to be lubricated and when. The video also covers winding the bobbin, threading the machine, and other topics to safely use the machine.


Excellent post @deathraylabs!! Thanks so much for highlighting this awesome machine and making sure everyone knows how to take good care of it. We’ll get a page added on the wiki and be sure to include the info you shared here.

If you want help making the wiki page for it just let me know. You can either give me editing access or I can help whomever is going to write the wiki page by adding some extra info.

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The wiki’s kind of in its own little world right now. Updating the infrastructure has been on my to-do list for a while but it keeps getting pushed down the queue.

If you could send me some contents for the Juki page, I’m happy to post it on your behalf. The tool page template goes something like:

Descriptive blurb
class prerequisites
Details about using the machine (consumables, setup checklist, other applicable miscallany)
resources (manuals, training videos, etc)
maintenance / ownership

I usually copy/paste the http://wiki.atxhs.org/wiki/Jet_22-44_Plus page when I describe a new tool, but it’s not absolutely authoritative.


Perfect. I’ll put something together for you then.

Juki LU-562/3 Manual

Juki LU-562/3 Part manual