Jointer, planer, table saw trashed

Huge mess all around jointer and planer. Table saw left a mess, but doesn’t compare. This is not okay.

Has this been happening more frequently of late, or is it just my recency bias? Also with random bits of scrapwood and other materials being left all over the workbenches. Do we have an official policy on checking security cameras / door logs?

Door logs are about to get super easy to check. We’re starting the rollout of our new door system at the beginning of August which will no longer require us to be on site to check the logs. I’m not sure where we’re at on getting better access to camera footage from the onsite cameras. We do have some that are cloud-based but I’m not sure if they cover the woodshop area.

The stewards team is working on some enforcement policies/techniques for the board to back up. The more stewards we have working together to help with this, the easier it is for the board to come down as the final hammer in situations where there is a clear individual needing to be addressed more seriously.


About the cameras, (I mean no harm in asking) just curiosity: what is your liability in using surveillance to enforce rules? There are people that are not aware they are being recorded. The cameras are there for security reasons but once you step over this threshold do you put yourselves in any kind of liability? I don’t care myself, I am aware they are there, and I’m all for getting this infraction addressed. I believe that a clean place is a safe place and it also provides a professional appearance necessary to attract new members.

Hey Charlie just a thought, could you take photos of the mess and include them in the e-mails? Maybe the forensic evidence can be used by others to identify the criminal Lol! Thanks for cleaning it up though (I’m sure you did)!

@JOSEGAYTAN Yeah that’s kind of what I meant by “do we have any official policy” but you’re correct in making it clearer. I’m not sure it’s a good idea to use cameras for that sort of thing either, unless there’s a provable safety concern.

The old member agreement mentions use of video footage to identify members involved in tool issues and the new member agreement that will go out this month makes more explicit mention of surveillance. Using video footage for enforcement is pretty standard in businesses with and without waivers.