Jointer Outfeed Table


Does anyone know how to adjust the outfeed table on the jointer? It is currently a few thousandths higher than the cutter, which consistently results in the wood bowing as it goes across the jointer. There is a knob on the underside of the outfeed table which appear to control the height, but it won’t turn at all.

You need to loosen the gib screws to adjust the outfeed table. There’s a link to the manual on the wiki that has photos.


Normally, the outfeed side is adjusted/tuned, once. Set it, and forget it. t
The infeed side is where you adjust for the task. Maybe, dare I say, someone with a labler could make a sign, “Don’t Eff with this side”. Of course, it should be EMPHASIZED, during woodshop introduction.

I think the outfeed is not properly set right now because you need to set the infeed side to at least a couple millimeters get the jointer to catch any wood at all.