Jointer defective?

Was adjusting piece and jointer and JUST about to turn it on when I saw the defective sticker out of the corner of my eye.
Won’t use it today, but if it’s actually defective maybe I can move the sticker somewhere more noticable …

@cfstaley reported a problem with scalloping recently, so there was some concern that the blades needed to be adjusted.

Charlie, did you sticker the machine or was that somebody else?

Little more eye catching :stuck_out_tongue:

THanks, Keyan.

That’s interesting, I hadn’t heard anyone mention that yet. @workshop y’all know what’s going on here?

There’s a fair amount of daylight between “could be improved” and “defective” :slight_smile:

Probably related to the recent thread about adjusting the outfeed table. I didn’t think to look at it last time I was by the space. I’ll investigate tomorrow night if nobody gets to it before then.

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thanks @Jon the correct star bits are in the cabinet on the right by the bathroom in a small blue box if you see that any of the cutting heads need to be turned around

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I replaced 3x inserts and rotated another 8 or so. There weren’t any super bad ones. These are easy to seat incorrectly, I reseated a couple that looked dodgy.

I ran a scrap through it, looked fine but I didn’t have any wood wide enough to test the entire drum width. I untagged it. If you have a problem, please take a picture.

The inserts may look like Torx, but they’re a TP25 (Torx Plus), I’ve got a blue kit of TP sockets for it with a drill quick release adapter in the cabinet, and you generally need an impact drill to remove and a 1/4" socket to tighten. Please do not use the wrong tool, stripped out screws are a huge pain.


Thanks @dannym!

Thanks, all. I am not getting notifications, so didn’t see this until today. I was jointing pecan, and it was leaving a raised section in the middle of a 3 inch face.

Someone else was also using the jointer at the same time, and decided to keep using it. I left the sticker with him.

I was also having issues with the jointer a couple weeks ago. The outfeed table seems to be 1/32" or so higher than the cutting edge which was resulting in major bowing in a 4’ long piece of wood. I haven’t tried using it since Danny fixed the inserts, so I don’t know if that problem has been resolved.

I made a separate post about it but to make sure everyone sees it: a defective sticker is not how you flag a machine for repair. The defective machine process is to

  • Notify the workshop team by posting to YO
  • Tape a large, clear, unmissable out of order note, stating also that the workshop team was notified.
  • Coil up the cord to the machine, tape over its plug, and affix it to the machine next to the note.

We will never fault a member for erring on the side of red-tagging a machine that turns out to not have a problem. If you are going to pick a machine to be paranoid about, the joiner is, I believe, the most dangerous machine in the building apart from we humans.

I did not take on adjusting the outfeed table. I do not have experience on this. I can look it up and work from there, but I’m not the only one who can do that.